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Welcome to Nicklas Andersen Photography website!

I’m Nicklas Skov Andersen, a photographer living in Esbjerg, Denmark.

I have always loved taking pictures. It started then I got a DSLR camera then I was 14 years old. I began to take pictures for the family, also for the events in the family. Growing up, I took more pictures of the nature, which then led to me buying my first drone. Using my drone, I have managed to take some incredible pictures and videos, which wasn’t possible for me previous. Recently, I got myself my first telescope to view all the wonderful wonders of space. So sharp close-up pictures of the moon, planets and stars will be made public aswell.

You can hire me to do drone shots or videos for you/your company. I’m drone certified with a license. I have a lot of expertise in that area, since I have owned a drone for around 3 years now and flown with it a lot of times. Furthermore, I can do photoshoots for you. Either for you, you and your friends or anything else portrait related. I’m open for any ideas you might have. Just message me on my Instagram or the contact form on this website.

Hope you enjoy my content and will follow along on my journey.